What characteristics should the photographer of my wedding have?
Your wedding will last just one day and you cannot trust just anyone for your memories. The photographer should be a pro with a style that suits your needs. You should make sure you see the photographer’s work before deciding. He or she should be accessible and flexible, as well as open and accepting of your requests and opinions.

Who will photograph our wedding day?
I will personally photograph your wedding day. There will also be an assistant working with me to photograph other points of views and helping me get the right shots. A videograhper can also be present, upon your request.

When do I need to book your services?
Whenever you want! But for best results it is recommended to book early to ensure availability on your chosen day.

Do you visit the places where we will get married?
Yes, this is very important to me! I need to know everything regarding light, electrical plugs, ambience beforehand. In this way all the details are under control on your wedding day.

Will you be working with us all day?
Yes, I exclusively do one wedding per day.

Do you photograph digitally or in 35mm?
I do both, using the advantages of each format.

Black & White or color?
The digital camera permits me to photograph in color and then transform it into black & white. I usually print 40% in color and 60% in black & white. Having said that, you are always the one who decides.

How many photos will you take?
The digital camera can take an infinite quantity of photos. Having said that, my work is about quality, not quantity.

What brand do you use?
I use the best in digital and analogical format. I have a large variety of different size lenses and zooms. They are all professional quality. I use a Nikon camera.

What happens if your camera doesn’t work?
I do everything in double. I also have a laptop on site to make direct copies of the digital files.

Will we receive the digital files?
Yes, you will receive all files on DVD, all in high quality and ready to print. The 35mm photos are digitalized and included on the DVD.

Why don’t you give the files directly on the wedding day?
My work doesn’t stop at the end of the wedding day. Afterwards, I have a long and meticulous task in the digital laboratory to extract the best possible photos.

Can we help you in the realization of the album?
Yes, we will meet to show you the first results and to go over ideas on the layout as well as to receive your opinions.

Can I request just the DVDs from you and create the album on my own?
Of course you can. Although, be forewarned, this is not so easy to do!

How long after the wedding day do we receive our photos?
It depends on the quantity of work required but usually in about 1 or 2 weeks.

What about your pricing?
Here you have it.

Do you travel for wedding?
Yes I do.

We want you to be our wedding photographer. How do we proceed?
I would be delighted to arrange a first meeting with you to get to know each other better. You can contact me by phone at 0034 657 96 94 20


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