Congratulation, Giuliana, Andrew. I had such a great time with you and your friend. A great wedding, indeed!!!


One Response to La Baronia: The wedding of Giuliana & Andrew

  1. Jimmy Ego-Aguirre says:

    All these bautiful pics will continue to playback over and over in my mind for as long as our “Lord” gives me the grace to do so.
    The photos have beautifully captured snapshots that are deeply engraved in our memories and I could not be any happier and proud of seeing my daughter realizing her dreams with Andrew, the man our Lord finely placed in her life making possible this new joint, and now sharing their present and promising future that will continue growing on a firm foundation of trust and love for each other that started six years ago.
    May God continue blessing your lives and grow a family of your own.
    From my heart.
    Jimmy Ego-Aguirre

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