The spring lasts quite some time before coming to our latitude. A stormy, chilly, uninstable weather was all we had. But then came Pj & David´s wedding. The sun starts shining and the flowers blooming in Almiral de la Font. The day was just perfect. Everything was wonderfully planned by Valerie and Mireia, their Wedding Planners. The ceremony, held by the pool was a explosion of emotions, the banquet, a demonsrtation of exquisiteness. (catering by Sensacions).

The very next day, the wedding evolve in a rodeo-style bbq, with a very special guest….

To resume it in one word: GAY-mazing!!!!

You can view the slideshow by pressing play. And don´t forget to press the music play botton as well.

Congratulations to both of you!

Thanks to Gregory for his effort as a second photographer…

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