Almiral de la Font is one the greatest place in Catalunya for Weddings. Each wedding  I cover there is just WONDERFUL. And the wedding of Vicky & John did not break this rule. It was a delicious day, great people, glamourous and a bit loco. I loved it.

A special thanks to Valerie and her team from weddingsviaval for the great organisation.

Please find below the complete reportage. Don´t forget to press the full screen button as well as the play button for a better viewing experience.

Do not hesitate to leave your comments at the end of this page!!!

And here is a selection of the best photographs.

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4 Responses to A wedding in Almiral de la Font

  1. greg says:

    beautiful as always, the hi-key portraiture of the bride is stunning! A lot of 2012 best-of candidate in there I believe :)

  2. marie jo says:

    tout simplement superbes, j’aime beaucoup la noir et blanc où on voit le gars dans un miroir à travers les doigts de sa main, et la dernière, le couple regarde ensemble vers l’avenir.
    Et quelle belle maison….

  3. Vicky Buell says:

    I cannot thank Edwin enough! These are the best pictures I’ve ever seen, hands down. I cannot beautify, articulate or exemplify this event for anyone like these pictures can. You seemed to capture every emotion. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Gracia para toda!

  4. Edwin says:

    Dear Vicky, John, I am so glad to read your words. It has been a pleasure to form part of your wedding. It was truly a great day that will be remembered forever. :-) And when your friend got wed in the US, I would be happy to fly over. A big hug to everyone.

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